The Devil in the Details

Image Spot
  • Animated Commercial
  • Categories: Films / finished
  • Date: 2008
  • Client: www.detail.de
  • Credits:

    Martin Wallner

    Stefan Leuchtenberg




Ready to get scared?

In a dark castle, somewhere in a godforsaken place, a mad scientist tries to realize his weird experiments with human corpses. Everything is set up to start the bloodbath, if it weren't for a little problem...

Inspired by the mood of old Frankenstein movies, this viral spot was nominated for the DETAIL CREATIVE AWARD and presented at the Animago 2008. The contest was held by www.detail.de, an online platform for architecture. The spot illustrates how important apparently marginal details, say the placement of electric sockets, can become when it comes to the fulfillment of one's dreams…