"If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed." – Mark Twain

FFF funding for "Donkeys are dumb!"

We just received screenplay funding by the FFF Bayern for one of our latest projects: Donkeys are dumb! What a great Christmas present!


Outlier German premiere in Hof!

Outlier will have its German festival premiere at the International Film Festival in Hof!


Outlier festival premiere in Vancouver!

My latest short film Outlier will have its festival premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival.


Lostbox screens at Shortvisions

Lostbox will screen once again in competition within the first edition of the Short Visions Film Festival in Ningbo, China


New project: Donkeys are dumb!

Donkeys are dumb! is a concept for an animated feature film.

Donkeys are dumb, right? I mean, everybody knows that. The thing is: Rupert isn't and on top of that he even refuses to accept this god-given law of nature. Instead he sets out on a quest to prove the whole world wrong, which again proves far more difficult than expected.

More on www.donkeysaredumb.com


New project: capital D

Upcoming film project currently in development: capital D.

Editing completed on Outlier

Editing on Outlier has been completed. For the post production, Florian Wolf, Matthias Lein and Jürgen Branz have joined our team!

The Elf Advent(ure) cracks 4 million!

'nuff said. Way to go!

Download the Elf Advent(ure) here