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2015-12-05: Outlier wins Best Short Screenplay @Southampton IFF!

2015-12-04: Outlier in competition at In The Palace!

2015-09-22: Outlier ist FBW Kurzfilm des Monats!

2015-09-15: Best Shorts statue...

2015-08-31: Outlier's in for several awards @Southhampton IFF!

2015-08-05: GFF produces Second Souls!

2015-08-04: Outlier at the NYC Indie Film Festival!

2015-07-03: Outlier at the Shorts at Moonlight Kurzfilmfestival!

2015-06-23: Outlier at the DC Shorts Film Festival!

2015-06-16: Outlier und Lostbox Ausstrahlung im BR

2015-06-09: Outlier selected for Cayman International Film Festival 2015!

2015-06-01: Outlier selected for Stony Brook Film Festival 2015!

2015-04-09: Outlier wins Best of Show @Best Shorts!

2015-04-04: Zusammenarbeit mit Agentur Gottschalk & Behrens

2015-03-06: Outlier selected for Palm Springs Shortfest 2015!

2015-03-06: Outlier @Byron Bay IFF

2015-02-09: "Second Souls" beim Wettbewerb "Antihelden"-Serienkonzepte nominiert

2015-01-21: Prädikat "Besonders wertvoll" für Outlier

2015-01-12: Outlier screens at Max Ophüls

2014-12-11: FFF funding for "Donkeys are dumb!"

2014-10-10: Outlier German premiere in Hof!

2014-09-29: Outlier festival premiere in Vancouver

2014-09-11: Lostbox screens at Shortvisions

2014-04-15: New project: Donkeys are dumb!

2014-04-01: New project: capital D

2014-02-05: Editing completed on Outlier

2014-01-06: The Elf Advent(ure) cracks 4 million!

2013-11-27: Alle Jahre wieder: Third season of the Elf Advent(ure)!

2013-11-15: Postproduction of Outlier begins!

2013-09-18: Shooting completed!

2013-09-02: Ed Stoppard completes our cast!

2013-09-01: The wonderful Outlier crew

2013-08-20: Götz Otto, Shantia Ullmann and Tom Schoeller join Outlier!

2013-08-15: Hollywood actress Antje Traue joins Outlier!

2013-06-01: Casting coup! Miriam Margolyes and Jean Marsh to star in Outlier!

2013-06-01: BR and Arte to co-produce "Outlier"!

2013-03-20: Lostbox wins at Taos Shortz!

2013-01-06: wrap-up: the second season of Elf Advent(ur)

2012-12-07: FFF funding for Outlier!

2012-12-07: FFF funding for Lotus Island!

2012-11-27: The Elf Advent(ure) enters its second season

2012-10-22: Lostbox wins Best Film at Zebra Poetry FF!

2012-04-25: FFA: Lostbox most successfull German short film!

2012-01-24: Lostbox goes big screen...

2012-01-06: Elf Advent(ure) has reached more than 1.000.000 Downloads in its first year!

2011-12-14: The Elf Advent(ure) breaks half a million!

2011-12-04: Zwischenbericht zum 2. Advent

2011-11-27: Dancing Squirrel releases "The Elf Advent(ure)"

2011-11-27: Commercial break: Elf Adventure

2011-11-11: Lostbox is screening in Shanghai tomorrow

2011-11-04: Lostbox won Youth Jury Award in San Sebastian!

2011-11-02: Lostbox won 2 Golden Olives in Bar!

2011-11-02: Lostbox screens at the XVI. International TV Festival Bar, Montenegro

2011-10-28: Screenplay funding for Lotus Island!

2011-10-14: Fernsehausstrahlung : RBB am Sa, 19.11. um 0:40 Uhr

2011-10-07: New Festivals: @Frankfurt Book Fair, St. Louis IFF, TV Fest Bar, and more...

2011-10-07: Lostbox has won Best Prize / Students at the Anifest Rozafa!

2011-09-29: Lostbox just won Best Animation @Jameson Cinefest!

2011-09-12: New Festivals! Calgary IFF, Eberswalde

2011-09-11: Captain My Captain

2011-08-10: New festivals: Jameson Cinefest, Münster, Strasbourg

2011-08-10: Lostbox @Animacursed - Festival of Animated Horror!

2011-08-05: New Festivals: Anifest Rozafa, Tacoma Film Festival, ISF

2011-08-03: Lostbox won Special Mention at Guanajuato IFF

2011-07-28: New Festivals: Drama IFF, Ourense IFF, Prizren, and more

2011-07-12: Nicht vergessen: Heute abend avg Kurzfilmnacht...

2011-06-29: http://dresden.filmnaechte.de/de/dates/view/die-kurzfilmnacht

2011-06-14: Lostbox wins Van Gogh Award!

2011-06-14: Lostbox @Warsaw, Supertoon, Guanajuato, Indianapolis, Singapore, Montréal

2011-06-14: @Annecy 2011, Lostbox receives FICAM Meknès Prize, Best Film

2011-06-10: Lostbox on Arte tonight

2011-05-30: Lostbox im Liliom in Augsburg

2011-05-27: http://www.negativ-film.de/2011/05/itfs-2011-interview-mit-stefan.html

2011-05-25: We just won Best Film in Toulouse! Quelle bonne surprise!!

2011-05-23: New Festivals: Jesusalem, Maremetraggio, St. Kilda and Anibar!

2011-05-23: Biggest Audience ever! Lostbox in St. Kilda

2011-05-19: Lostbox theme at Filmtonart competition

2011-05-15: Festival de Cannes

2011-05-03: New festivals! Bulgaria, Australia, Italy, France

2011-05-01: Tribeca: The Squirrels in New York

2011-04-28: Lostbox beim "Blauen Sessel"

2011-04-22: Lostbox @Petaluma Film Festival

2011-04-21: Lostbox wins Grand Prix @Festival International de Cinéma d'Animation de Meknès

2011-04-17: We proudly present: Der Goldene Reiter

2011-04-17: Lostbox won Best Animation National @Filmfest Dresden!

2011-04-17: Lostbox in Cannes at the Short Film Corner

2011-04-09: TORONTO: Lostbox @CFC Worldwide SFF

2011-04-09: New Festivals: Short Shorty Tokyo and Filmfest Emden

2011-04-09: Lostbox nominated for Lena-Weiss-Animation Prize!

2011-04-05: Lostbox in Augsburg: Vorführungen

2011-04-04: New Festivals: Seattle and Atlanta, Detmold and Meknès

2011-03-24: On3-Radio: Martin im Interview mit Christina Wolf

2011-03-20: Lostbox nominated for Best Animation @GoShort

2011-03-19: TRIBECA!

2011-03-16: Five new festivals

2011-03-12: Nashville Film Festival! www.nashvillefilmfestival.org

2011-03-11: Lostbox screens in Jena at cellu l'art

2011-03-08: Lostbox screens in Belgium!

2011-03-08: Lostbox in Augsburg! Finally!


2011-02-25: Lostbox wins a Remi Award

2011-02-25: Lostbox travels around the world

2011-02-24: Lostbox wins Rising Star Award at Canada IFF

2011-02-22: New Festivals: Boston, Lille and Regensburg!

2011-02-22: Lostbox in Belgrad

2011-02-19: Lostbox wins 1st runner-up in animation at the Dam Short Film Festival

2011-02-11: Lostbox on South by Southwest and Filmfest Dresden

2011-02-01: Three more festival acceptances

2011-01-31: Lostbox wins Murnau Kurzfilmpreis!

2011-01-29: New festivals

2011-01-09: http://www.itfs.de/

2011-01-09: Lostbox screens at Cinequest San José and ITFS Stuttgart

2011-01-09: Cinequest Film Festival

2011-01-04: Lostbox screens in Hong Kong and Landshut

2011-01-02: Lostbox screens at the Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder City

2010-12-22: Defa Promotion Prize - Rasps and Bars

2010-12-22: Dancing Squirrel is "Kultur- und Kreativpilot Deutschlands"

2010-12-21: Lostbox received a Prädikat "Besonders wertvoll" by the FBW

2010-12-17: Lostbox by cafebabel

2010-12-12: Stefan in Poitiers

2010-12-12: Lostbox won the Grand Prix at the Poitiers IFF!

2010-11-30: Lostbox screens at Around the World in 14 Films

2010-11-30: Lostbox in der Presse

2010-11-26: All Winners of Interfilm 2010:

2010-11-23: For all of you who loved our credit song

2010-11-22: Interfilm Festival in Berlin

2010-11-20: descriptions of our film

2010-11-20: We got featured by DAN SARTO on AWN

2010-11-20: Anim'est Audience Award

2010-11-19: Lostbox has a new trailer

2010-11-18: Lostbox will screen in Berlin tonight and on Saturday

2010-11-16: Lostbox just returned from Graz, Austria

2010-11-16: Bradford Animation Festival and Europrix success

2010-11-02: Lostbox diesmal sogar als Interview zum anhören!

2010-11-02: Interview zu Lostbox auf ARD.de

2010-10-27: Lostbox meets Dracula

2010-10-20: Some critiques

2010-10-20: Romanian...

2010-10-20: Danish...

2010-10-19: Lostbox will screen two times in Ireland this November

2010-10-19: Lostbox selected for Animated Dreams IAFF

2010-10-17: Lostbox wins Youth Jury Prize in Lille!

2010-09-29: Lostbox will travel to France in December

2010-09-27: Molodist

2010-09-27: Lostbox screens at anim'est within the Mozaic program

2010-09-27: Lostbox @Kerry IFF

2010-09-14: Lostbox won the Audience Award at the SF Shorts Festival in San Francisco

2010-09-13: Odense International Film Festival 2010

2010-09-11: Lostbox is nominated for EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards 2010

2010-09-03: www.nationalmediamuseum.org.uk

2010-09-03: New festivals!

2010-08-30: Lostbox wins Grand Prix in Odense!

2010-08-28: Lostbox is going to the San Francisco Bay Area again.

2010-08-25: Lostbox received the FIRST STEPS Award

2010-08-21: Lostbox selected for the onedotzero 2010

2010-08-18: Lostbox featured on indytrailers.com

2010-08-16: Rock 'n' roll! Lostbox just won Rhode Island International Film Festival!

2010-08-13: Lostbox goes Siberia! Kansk International Video Festival...

2010-08-11: Lostbox was selected for the Savannah Film Festival

2010-08-11: Lostbox screens at the Ottawa International Animation Festival:

2010-08-11: Lostbox @Granada Young Filmmakers Festival

2010-07-29: First steps award nomination

2010-07-28: Bericht in der Augsburger Allgemeinen vom 22.07.

2010-07-18: Anima Mundi blog...

2010-07-17: Lostbox screens at the Rhode Island IFF

2010-07-17: Lostbox screenings at the Odense IFF

2010-07-17: Lostbox screening dates at anima mundi

2010-07-17: Lostbox screening at the LA Shorts Fest: July 22nd, 3.15pm

2010-07-12: Lostbox got news from the Chicago International Film Festival

2010-07-12: Lostbox @SF Shorts in San Francisco

2010-07-06: We're invited to Anima Mundi 2010

2010-07-06: Silver Prize Short Film: PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2008

2010-07-06: Puh. The official Lostbox trailer is finally online...

2010-07-06: Lostbox is invited to the L.A. Shorts Fest

2010-07-06: Lostbox @Rhode Island IFF

2010-07-06: Lostbox @Odense IFF

2010-07-06: IndieWire thinks we're hot! We try hard not to blush...

2010-07-05: Some still images of scenes and the movie poster

2010-07-01: Dancing Squirrel receives Exist Scholarship

2009-12-22: London

2009-12-19: Film music

2009-12-15: Lostbox music recordings with the Geigenhof Quartett at Cubeaudio in Göttingen

2009-12-15: Ian McKellen

2009-12-01: ARRI helps us out

2009-11-26: Sound recordings with Richard McCowen

2009-11-15: The pancreas sequence takes shape...

2009-08-06: Our animation team

2009-07-12: Meilenstein Digital joins the team

2009-04-29: Wavefront Studios join the Lostbox team!

2009-03-15: Animator Onni Pohl joins the Lostbox team

2009-02-05: Emanuel and The Fear support Lostbox and release their self-titled EP

2009-02-04: Dönertier

2009-01-31: Shader development for Lostbox at the Institute of Animation in Ludwigsburg

2008-10-20: Lostbox goes Trixter!

2008-10-15: FFF funding for Lostbox

2008-10-06: The Lostbox team grows! Storyboarder Christian Puille supports us...

2008-10-01: Lostbox screenplay wins Silver Prize!

2008-09-30: Treatment for »Rasps and Bars« finished

2008-09-01: Lostbox screenplay reaches Finals of the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards!

2008-08-29: Trixter becomes partner of Lostbox

2008-08-01: Lostbox screenplay reaches Semi-Finals!

2008-07-31: »Rasps and Bars« wins the DEFA Promotion Prize 2008

2008-07-20: New commercial clip »Devil in the Details« finished

2008-07-03: »Next Level Parzival« at the Kammerspiele München and on BR

2008-05-23: Dancing Squirrel cooperates with Stadttheater Augsburg for »Next Level Parzival«

2008-05-08: FMX Eyes and Ears Junior Showcase

2008-04-17 - 2008-04-24: Exchange Forum Dresden-Bucharest

2008-02-12: Voice recordings with Joseph Fiennes

2008-01-11: Character turntables are online...

2007-12-15: Joseph Fiennes agrees to play the main character!

2007-09-16: BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk) supports »A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation«

2007-08-11: Composer Lars Deutsch will work with us

2007-07-25: Nils Dünker and Anatole Taubman become producers